Computer Aided Optimal Design of Horn Radiators for Satellite Communication

C. Hartwanger, K. Schittkowski, H. Wolf: Engineering Optimization, Vol. 33, 221-244 (2000)
Abstract: The intention of the paper is to outline a mathematical model for designing high performance circular corrugated horns using an optimization algorithm. The proposed approach is based on an analytical computation of the electromagnetic field in the aperture that generates a given far field. In a subsequent step, the inner geometry of a corrugated horn is adjusted by an optimization algorithm (sequential quadratic programming) to generate the aperture field. For the computation of the electromagnetic fields an analysis routine of Kuehn and Hombach is applied. The method has been successfully applied to design corrugated horns which radiate a given directional field pattern.

To download a preprint, click here: AntHorn.pdf

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