Data fitting in systems of one-dimensional PDEs applied to drying of maltodextrin

K. Schittkowski: in: Proceedings of the II. International Workshop on Information Technologies and Computing Technology for the Agro-Food-Sector, E. Balsa-Canto, J. Mora, E. Onate eds., Monograph CIMNE M86, ISBN 84-95999-46-3, 79-82 (2003)
Abstract: We present an approach to estimate parameters in systems of one-dimensional nonlinear partial differential equations. These parameters are either part of state equations, initial values, boundary conditions, or coupled ordinary differential equations. Flux functions may be used to describe more complex systems or to exploit special discretization schemes.

As a special case study, we consider the mathematical model of a maltodextrin DE 12 drying process in a convection oven. Our goal is the estimation of some unknown parameters, for example thermal diffusion coefficient and initial moisture contents. The drying kinetics are modeled using Fick's second law of diffusion and the WLF equation for the moisture and temperature dependence of the effective diffusivity.

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