Demo Version

A demo version is available containing all features of
EASY-FIT ModelDesign. The only restrictions are data and model sizes. The demo version is fully documented by interactive, context-sensitive help and comes with 1,300 test examples, many of them based on real-life applications.

Please read the subsequent lines carefully:
Aufzählung To install the demo version, please download the software and copy the file EASYFIT.EXE into a temporary directory. Then execute the self-extracting file.
Aufzählung To switch to full version, contact the author for getting a license key. For activation, click on the ?-menu item, then on 'License Key', and insert four times four digits into the empty fields. 

EASY-FIT ModelDesign comes with the royalty-free runtime version of Microsoft Office Access 2007 and runs under 64 bit versions of Windows. If the runtime version is already installed, please deinstall.


If the context-sensitive help (F1) does not work, please download WinHlp32.exe from the Microsoft Download Center.

Aufzählung If the language settings of your Windows system are different from a Western European language, especially if your system is running under a non-Unicode language like Chinese, it might happen that EASY-FIT ModelDesign stops with an error message. Please change the "Current language for non-Unicode programs" under "Clock, Language, and Region" in the control panel to English (US).
Aufzählung EASY-FIT ModelDesign comes with a large number of examples, which might lead to an unnecessary overload. Feel free to delete as many of them as you like.
Aufzählung To replace an existing version of EASY-FIT ModelDesign, proceed as follows:
1. Export all problems from the old version which you would like to save, into an auxiliary folder.
2. It is recommended to save the database file Easy_fit.accdb and all files problems\*.FUN, problems\*.FOR, respectively.
3. Remove the old version
(Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs).
5. Install the new version of
EASY-FIT ModelDesign and start the program.
6. Import all problems exported according to Step 1 (File -> Import).

The following restrictions apply:

Number of parameters to be estimated 2
Number of equations 2
Number of constraints 5
Number of lines of discretized PDEs 50
Number of time values 20
Number of measurement sets 2
Number of measurements 40

The restrictions of the demo version are removed by an activation key supplied by the author. To download the demo version (about 75 MB compressed), click here: EASYFIT.EXE. The royalty-free runtime version of Microsoft Office Access 2007 is installed.

NOTE: An existing version of a runtime version of Microsoft Office Access should be removed before installation. If nevertheless installation fails, e.g., due to conflicts with existing Access registry entries, it is recommended to download and install the runtime version of Access 2013 ( and to try it again.   


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