Test Examples

The database of
EASY-FITModelDesign contains 1,300 test examples.

The reason for attaching a comprehensive collection of test problems is to offer the possibility of trying out different discretization procedures, differential equation solvers, and data fitting algorithms. The problems can be used for selecting a reference problem when implementing one's own dynamical models, or to test the accuracy and efficiency of numerical algorithms. All problems are executable, and a powerful filter allows you to search for those related to your own application.

The problems are implemented in the PCOMP language. Fortran code for function and gradient calculation can be generated by an auxiliary code that is attached. To summarize, we offer test problems for the following model classes:

explicit model functions: 243
Laplace transforms: 10
steady state equations: 41
ordinary differential equations: 575
differential algebraic equations: 62
partial differential equations: 325
partial differential algebraic equations: 44
sum: 1,300

The test cases are also distributed independently of EASY-FITModelDesign, see download page.

To download a report, click here: ds_test_problems.pdf

To download the Fortran codes, click here: ds_test_probs_src.zip


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