What Users are Saying

Customers:  Customers include ACA, BASF, Battery Design, Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Centacor, Envirogain, Eurocopter, Knoll, Oxeno, Novartis, Prodisc Technology, Springborn Laboratories, and in addition more than 40 academic research institutions (e.g., WIAS Berlin, Universities of Aachen, Ankara, Arizona at Tucson, Basel, Braunschweig, British Columbia, California at Santa Barbara, California at San Francisco, Campinas, Delft, Dresden, Florida at Gaines, Freiburg, Genua, Idaho, Jena, Kaiserslautern, Kuala Lumpur, Kuwait, Liege, Lodz, Mons, Napoli, Porto, Princeton, Puebla, Quebec, Texas Tech, Ulm, Valencia, Vigo)

'Die Arbeit mit EASYFIT ist ein Vergnügen. Mit dem Programm können wir neue Aspekte in unserer Arbeit erschliessen und Resultate bekommen, die wir sonst nicht hätten.' (G. Imanidis, University of Basel)
'I went from liking EASY-FIT to loving it.' (K. A. Mahdi, Kuwait University)
'Some time ago, I purchased your book and could play with the demo version, and found EASY-FIT is an excellent environment for parameter estimation!' (A. Vande Wouwer, Faculté Polytechnique de Mons)
'I didn't get very far with Easy-Fit, though I did get far enough to discern that it is a very nice program.' (M. B. Cantor, WayPoint Research, Inc., Atlanta)
'Your software is excellent with reasonable price.' (N. M. Ghasem, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur)
'I really like the program and I am impressed by some capabilities I have learned from the examples in the demo.' (C. Soci, University of California, Santa Barbara)
'For us Easyfit is very efficient from a mathematical point of view and fulfils all our needs in regard to calculation speed. We are able to regress single experiments without problems. The mathematical performance of the program is very good.' (C. Fleury, Novartis, Basel)

'I find that this is a very valuable tool for solving non-linear differential equations and parameter estimation.' (R. Jayaraman, Texas Tech University, Lubbock)

'My experience with the software was thus very positive. You were also very quick to provide support soon after I got the license.' (H. Galicia, Springborn Smithers Labs)
'For my part I was very enjoyed with Easy-Fit, it's a very interesting tool since it has saved me time. I will probably use it in the future.' (A. Idriss, ENSTIMAC)
'What I liked was the fact, that I was able to use EASY-FIT without any problems as the interface is very intuitive'. (Vlastimil Krivan, Dept. of Theoretical Ecology, University of South Bohemia)
'I would strongly recommend the program EASY-FIT by Prof. Klaus Schittkowski (Dept. Mathematics Uni. Bayreuth, Germany) to solve your problem. EASY-FIT is a very powerful interactive software system to identify  parameters in explicit model functions, dynamical systems of equations,  Laplace transforms, ODE etc. ODEs are integrated by a couple of explicit and implicit codes, also  with internal numerical differentiation.  Differential algebraic  equations can be solved upto index 3. I suggest that you contact Prof. Schittkowski for the program.' (C.S. Raman, Dept. of Biochemistry, University of Texas, San Antonio)
I have been using your software for 3 weeks, and I am very happy with it. I think such a tool was missing (J. Guedj, Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Ich halte schon lange Ausschau mach einer solchen Software, und das was ihre leistet, scheint in dieser Form einmalig zu sein.  Die beigegebenen vielen Beispiele sind sehr überzeugend.
(Maik Jacob, University of Bremen)


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