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EASY-FIT Express is fully documented by interactive, context-sensitive help and comes with 240 test examples.

IMPORTANT: 1.  Comes with the royalty-free runtime version of Microsoft Office Access 2007
Runs under Windows 64 bit.

Please read the subsequent lines carefully:
Aufzählung To install the software, please download EASYFITX.EXE to a temporary directory and execute the self-extracting file.

If the context-sensitive help (F1) does not work, please download WinHlp32.exe from the Microsoft Download Center.

Aufzählung If the language settings of your Windows system are different from a Western European language, especially if your system is running under a non-Unicode language like Chinese, it might happen that EASY-FITExpress stops with an error message. Please change the language settings to English or any other Unicode language or use an English Windows version.

To download EASY-FIT Express including the royalty-free Microsoft Office Access 2007 runtime version (about 64 MB compressed), click here: EASYFITX.EXE.  

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