Numerical Simulation of a Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell by Partial Differential Algebraic Equations

K. Chudej, M. Bauer, H.J. Pesch, K. Schittkowski: in From Nano to Space, M.H. Breitner, G. Denk, P. Rentrop (eds.), Springer, 57-70

Abstract: The dynamical behavior of a molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC) can be modeled by systems of partial differential algebraic equations (PDEAs) based on physical and chemical laws. Mathematical models for identification and control are considered as valuable tools to increase the life time of the expensive MCFC power plants, especially to derive control strategies for avoiding high temperature gradients and hot spots. We present numerical simulation results for a load change of a new one-dimensional counterflow MCFC model consisting of 34 nonlinear partial and ordinary differential algebraic-equations (PDEAs) based on physical and chemical laws. The PDAE system is discretized by the method of lines (MOL) based on forward, backward, and central difference formulae, and
the resulting large system of semi-explicit differential-algebraic equations is subsequently integrated by an implicit DAE solver.

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