Modelling and Parameter Identification of a Maltodextrin DE 12 Drying Process in a Convection Oven

J.M. Frias, J.C. Oliveira, K. Schittkowski: Applied Mathematical Modelling, Vol. 24, 449-462 (2001)
Abstract: The drying kinetics of maltodextrin DE12 in a convection oven were modeled following the WLF equation for the moisture and temperature dependence of the effective diffusivity. An experimental design with a temperature range from 70degC to 140degC and sample amount varying from 4mL to 12mL was used in order to model the process. The model fitting properties were studied and parameters for maltodextrin DE12 drying were estimated, together with their error.

To download the report, click here: drymod.pdf


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