Modelling, Stabilization and Control of Flow in Networks of Open Channels

M. Gugat, G. Leugering, K. Schittkowski, E.J.P.G. Schmidt: in Online Optimization of Large Scale Systems, M. Groetschel, S.O. Krumke, J. Rambau eds., Springer, 251-270 (2001)
Abstract: In this paper we present a model for the controlled flow of a fluid through a network of channels using a coupled system of St Venant equations. We generalize in a variaty of ways recent results of Coron, d'Andrea-Novel and Bastin concerning the stabilizability around equilibrium of the flow through a single channel to serially connected channels and finally a network of channels. The work presented here is entirely based on the theory of quasilinear hyperbolic systems. We also consider open-loop optimal control problems and provide numerical schemes both for the simulation and the control of such systems.

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