Nonlinear Programming: Algorithms, Software, and Applications

K. Schittkowski, Ch. Zillober: in System Modeling and Optimization: Proceedings of the 21st IFIP TC7 Conference held in July 2125, 2003, Sophia Antipolis, France, J. Cagnol, J.-P. Zolesio (eds.), Springer, Vol. 166, 73-108 (2006)
Abstract: We introduce some methods for constrained nonlinear programming that are widely used in practice and that are known under the names SQP for sequential quadratic programming and SCP for sequential convex programming. In both cases, convex subproblems are formulated, in the first case a quadratic programming problem, in the second case a separable nonlinear program in inverse variables. The methods are outlined in a uniform way and the results of some comparative performance tests are listed. We especially show the suitability of sequential convex programming methods to solve some classes of very large scale nonlinear programs, where implicitly defined systems of equations seem to support the usage of inverse approximations. The areas of interest are structural mechanical optimization, i.e., topology optimization, and optimal control of partial differential equations after a full discretization. In addition, a few industrial applications and case studies are shown to illustrate practical situations under which the codes implemented by the authors are in use.

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