Optimal design of electronic components by mixed-integer nonlinear programming

M.J. BŁnner, K. Schittkowski, G. van de Braak G.: Optimization and Engineering, Vol. 5, 271-294 (2004)
Abstract: Computer-aided design optimization of electronic components is a powerful tool to reduce development costs on the one hand and to improve the performance of the component's performance on the other. In this paper, a mathematical model of an electronic filter is presented. It depends on certain parameters, some of them being continuous, others being integer. The purpose of the paper is to introduce an extension of the well-known sequential quadratic programming (SQP) method to solve the mixed-integer programming problem. It is necessary to combine the SQP step with a heuristical direct search algorithm in certain situations. Some numerical results are included to show the feasibility of the mixed integer nonlinear programming code for an academic test example and in addition for the optimal design of an electronic filter. 

To download the report, click here: SAW_filter.pdf

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