Prof. Klaus Schittkowski
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University of Bayreuth

Dept. of Computer Science

Dept. of Mathematics


Welcome to my web site!


Research activities:

development and empirical comparative tests of optimization codes
nonlinear programming algorithms, especially SQP methods
least squares optimization by SQP-type methods
discretization and parameter estimation of dynamical systems (ODEs, DAEs, PDEs, PDAEs)
automatic differentiation
topology and free material optimization
parameter selection for support vector machines
mixed integer nonlinear and nonconvex programming
interior point methods for bilevel programming


Industrial cooperations:           
CAD-FEM, Grafing
MTU, Munich
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma, Biberach
Dassault/Simulia, Boston
inuTech, Nurenberg
EADS, Munich
Fraunhofer IWTM, Kaiserslautern
TOMLAB Optimization, Västerås
SHELL, Rijswijk
BASF, Ludwigshafen

  ... and others


How to reach me:

Klaus Schittkowski
Siedlerstr. 3
95488 Eckersdorf, Germany
(+49)921 32887



Claudia Lachmann
University of Bayreuth
Department of Computer Science
95440 Bayreuth, Germany
(+49)921 557751


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  ... member of EU-NoE


  ... member of the EU-STRP

  ... member of the Shell GameChanger programme

 ... subcontractor of the
FP7 Collaborative Project

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Tobias Schittkowski ?

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Julia Schittkowski ?


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new: Version 2.0 of EASY-OPT Express with  continuous and integer/boolean variables, convexity not required

new: NLPIP 1.0 solves large-scale nonlinear optimization problems by a new SQP/IPM method (up to 5,000,000 variables)

new: MISQP 6.2 solves 100 MINLP test problems with less than 500 function calls including those needed for derivative approximations

new: A collection of 100 test problems for nonlinear mixed-integer programming (with Fortran codes)

new: NLPQLP 3.1 solves 95 % of our test problems with only one correct digit in the partial derivatives, termination at 10-7.

  new: Version 5.1 of EASY-FIT ModelDesign coming with  priority levels, time and concentration depending fitting criteria, etc.

new: NLPQLB solves optimization problems with 200,000,000 nonlinear constraints!

new: The Hock-Schittkowski collection, now available in original form

Numerical Data Fitting in Dynamical Systems
... a practical introduction with applications and software
Kluwer Academic Publishers